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Viva Afya Cervical Cancer talk at Karatina University Kagochi Campus

Viva Afya Partners with Karatina University to Educate Students on Cervical Cancer Awareness and Treatment

On 21st February 2013, Viva Afya hosted a Cervical Cancer seminar at the Karatina University’s Kagochi Campus.

52 university students attended the seminar to hear Viva Afya Obstetrics and Gynaecology specialist Dr Wangeci Wambui’s presentation on Cervical Cancer.  

The event’s key objective was to raise awareness of Cervical Cancer, its symptoms, the importance of screening and the preventative measures available, specifically the Cervical Cancer vaccine. All attendee’s also received free breast examinations.

Based on the positive feedback received by the university’s administration and students, Viva Afya will continue to partner with Karatina University by organising further educational talks on disease states and preventative measures.

We would like to thank the administration and students of Karatina University’s Kagochi Campus for partnering with Viva Afya. We look forward to working together again in the future.